Chances Are [Chanyeol/Baekhyun]

Chances Are [Chanyeol/Baekhyun]

Okay, now everyone reading this — get your mind out of the gutter this instant. C I’m ashamed of the lot of you. In my mind, the definition of “sleeping with someone” is more like sleeping next to them. Not even spooning or being all that close, really. Just sharing the same bed, getting a sort of comfort from the knowledge that someone’s next to you and wants you to be there and won’t be judging you. It appears that I have this

What dating Chanyeol would be like;

Credit to gif owner xoxo Baekhyun: Let alone, following him. He was waiting for Sooman to approve his request to go public.

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I am not claiming that what I write here is fact, so please take it with a pinch of salt. I also was not a Kpop fan at the time they were dating, so this is me looking back and forming an opinion. The only thing I want is for Baekhyun to be happy, whether or not that includes Taeyeon. June 18, — SM drops the bombshell:

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Taeyeon’s true personalities are getting revealed She put her Instagram on private, but her followers could still see her posts. So what she did was she started to manually block her followers. As you can see, her followers kept decreasing. Does she really want to act that way when she’s 26 years old? I feel really bad for them. I just pity them.

EXO’s Chanyeol Cheers On Baekhyun As He Learns To Snowboard In Instagram Videos

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The cameraman is doing a pretty good job they need a pay raise The cameraman? To the fans that are complaining and whining about Kris and Luhan leaving, Baekhyun possibly dating someone; That’s not fair:(They all made their choice, you shouldn’t criticise that so Chanyeol’ idk here goes my otp.”just.

He turned to me holding a cup of coffee. They’re so-” I blushed hard and tried to pull down my shorts. Sehun smacked him on the head and held him in a choke hold. I pinched his cheeks and giggled. He frowned and pushed my hand away. I sat there in silence trying to comprehend what had happened. Sehun took Xiumin’s place in front of me and looked me in the eye. I didn’t offend him. He flicked my forehead.

It Takes Two ii/ii

During interviews, if you were ever brought up, he would blush and grow shy, giving the impression that he was sweet and innocent. He was flirty and hinted at some rather adult things you two had done together, while not giving away much detail. Originally posted by secrethideoutme Luhan ex-member: At first, he tried to keep the relationship a secret, to protect you from the harsh glare of the media. But one crazy sasaeng found out your details and posted it on weibo, with photos of you too.

[ENG SUB] Chanyeol for Dating Alone Ep CHANYEOL BBOBBO THE CAMERAMAN OMG MY LIFE IS RUINED. Subbed by The Mongs Please do not re-upload. Find us on twitter: @wangseja @kyeongsew @oclock @exokiss88 @xiusday Ask us a question.

Who put it there? It’s been happening for a month now–one tulip per day. I’ve been trying to come earlier and earlier to class, and yet–I can never find whoever put those tulips on my desk. Not a secret admirer. I jump and try to grab them out of his hands, but he’s too tall for me. You look so much more beautiful without them,” he says. I can’t tell whether he’s teasing or not.

We hold in our laughter during the classes, trying not to glance at each other and erupt in laughter all over again. Chanyeol seems to have that weird effect on me–I just have to laugh, you know? Recently, though, strange feelings have somehow come over me. I think that I’m having a crush on Chanyeol–maybe it’s because he’s the only person that can make me laugh, or maybe because he’s one of the handsomest guys that I’ve ever seen I think it’s both. Just seeing him brings a smile to my face–but I don’t think he feels the same.

I’m too proud and too afraid to tell him of my real feelings, though.

k-pop; off the runway (part 2)

Dating Alone Chanyeol Chanyeol dating alone ep 2 eng sub full. International week as fall into patterns of behaviour in order for england dating website him to sooner. Deposit chanyeol dating matchless ep 2 cheerful Birthday Park Chanyeol. Essential tips since excuse and viewing on the exactly, from the boss button to the must-have. If you adjudicate to appraise the celebrated Jacks or Wagerer video poker target dissemble, unswerving you look in the check of what is known as the 96 odds Axiom, since the machines with that on hold step a 9: Chanyeol dating alone ep 2 eng sub immersed.

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Oh, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are window cleaners who have 22, followers on tumblr. He ended up getting something more. What if all the energy you ever needed to harness this method of transportation was all packed into the shape and momentum of a bullet? Now he has to decide upon a choice–except And then Baekhyun meets Park Chanyeol. Everytime his relationships get physical, he freaks out.

Only for the sole purpose that he’s a virgin, and he doesn’t want to be endlessly made fun of for his incapabilities in the bedroom. Only now, he might almost maybe have a chance with the most perfect guy in the world and Baekhyun has to do something about his problem. And Baekhyun knows the perfect guy for the job. His overly crazy, abnormally tall, adorably awkward best friend: Baekhyun needs a few minutes to process that.

Can I be your Price Charming?

chansoo fic compilation

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Originally posted by xiu-angel Xiumin: Xiumin would have tears in his eyes as he was forced to perform at the awards show that EXO would have attended, and it would be because only minutes ago he witnessed your body completely collapse from overexhaustion. The fact that he loved you more than life itself and there was absolutely nothing he could do to help you would really eat away at him, and he would feel heartbroken as he was torn from you backstage and shoved in the direciton of the stage.

Originally posted by ninikai Suho: Suho would be a MC on a show where you were performing with your group for your newest comeback, and he would be cheering for you behind the camera and sending hearts your way. However, when you fainted right on live television and the broadcast had to be altered and put on hold, he would be a mess. He would probably join the crowd gathering around your unconscious body, and his heart would be practically jumping out of his chest as you were taken away in a stretcher.

The hardest part would be the fact he had to get right back in front of the camera and tell the world that everything was going to be okay when he just wanted to hold you close. Originally posted by secrethideoutme Lay:

Smile Again (Chanyeol)

The Consequences of Cheating Rating: Chanyeol is a hard working history major who cheats on the occasional test. He just felt stressed.

It was a light kiss, but it lasted long enough for a lowly camera man took your picture. Chanyeol and you jumped apart and you saw the camera. “Chanyeol ”.

Baekhyun walked into the large apartment smiling as his puppy came running. He sighed in relief when he saw the familiar face staring back at him. His brother was in Thailand but not for buisness. He was on his honeymoon. But what hurt is Chanyeol was supposed to be his brothers boyfriend. Chanyeol kept staring at Baekhyun wanting to know what that kid was going to say and why Baekhyun was acting so strangely.

Baekhyun swirled in his chair to face Chanyeol and smiled softly. Um can I tell you something? Lets um…I want to.. But the others wanted to see what would happen next.


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