Dealer Specials

Dealer Specials

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Master Spas Home Show… Misleading?

While some smaller spas will work with a 20amp v service, most spas require a 30 amp or 50 amp v service. Hot tubs will work at their highest level of performance when connected to 50 amp service, however if your existing wiring is already set up for 30amp service, most spas may be adjusted to work with a 30 amp power supply.

When a spa is converted to 30 amp power service, the spa will work as designed except when the pump is turned to high the heater will turn off. In general the user will not notice this change unless they sit in the spa in cold weather with the jets on high for a sustained period of time. Bullfrog spas come configured for 50amp service… all Bullfrog spas may be adjusted to work with 30amp service.

Your new hot tub is going to be your favorite way to relax after a long day. As is the case with a hot tub, which requires correct electrical wiring to function properly and safely.

Play slideshow Adding a hot tub to a deck project requires creativity and close attention to structural details. Even when clients already have a specific tub in mind, they usually have only a vague idea of where it should go and how it should be integrated with the rest of the deck. And most haven’t thought at all about the special framing needed or the impact that it can have on a deck’s design.

This is where we—the deck designers and builders—come in. Structural Support Hot tubs must be placed on a flat, level surface, such as a concrete slab or a deck, without any shims. Beyond that, many structural and design decisions depend on the particular hot tub chosen, so clients need to select their tub early in the process. Only when you know the tub’s dimensions, dry weight, water capacity, and suggested occupancy can you figure out how much weight the slab or framing will need to support.

On the West Coast, this is a common framing plan to support a 7×7 tub with a potential psf live load. The footings and piers are reinforced and connected to each other with 4 rebar, and the 4×4 posts are reinforced as shown with diagonal bracing.

Dealer Specials

Summer nights are spectacular and can be incredibly soothing after a long day. Sometimes, you want a little something more than a few drinks on the patio. You want a way to wash the worries of the day away and a hot tub is the perfect solution. If you have been considering the purchase of a hot tub, you have probably wondered about the installation process.

With our professional hot tub installation experience, we can guarantee that your hot tub is reliable and operates at all national and local electrical codes. Electrical Wiring for Pools A pool can be a great activity to cool off in the warm weather.

Recently my friend and I bought a new house with a spa included. I contacted my electrician to change the wiring for the spa a bit. I wanted him to install a GFCI in the main panel, then a fused disconnect at the tub. Currently the setup is a 60A V 2-pole regular breaker in the main panel, wired to a box mounted on the house near the tub which contains a GFCI, a pull-out disconnect via a contactor, and a shrill alarm when the GFCI is tripped.

When he got into the wiring, he discovered that the tub was fed by only three conductors! Two hots and a ground, no neutral. I dug up the installation instructions for the tub, and it indeed showed a three-wire hookup: So he said that trying to wire it with the GFCI I purchased may not work, and I believe him because there is no neutral white wire to attach to the center connection screw on the breaker!

My question is, how prevalent are installations of this type? At a previous house I owned, I purchased a spa with a four-wire hookup, and he wired it the way I had hoped to wire this one with no problems.

Hot Tub Installation Cost

Our goal as a company is to provide the best electricians in the Cedar Rapids metro area. We specialize in going above and beyond what might be expected. We strive to be the best local electricians, and provide outstanding electrical services to new construction, commercial, residential and industrial work. No matter how large or small your electrical job is, we have professional and courteous electricians ready to respond to your home and business electrical needs.

Trusted and recommended, we have 24 hour electricians, 7 days a week! Thank you for visiting Premier Electrical in your search for an electrician in Iowa or the Cedar Rapids metro area!

Wood Fired Hot Tubs. If you want a permanent hot tub that looks rustic and requires very little maintenance over time, one great option is the wood fired hot tubs. Rather than using electricity or gas, these tubs operate by burning traditional logs of wood to heat the water.

Outdoor lighting fixtures Outdoor deck lighting FAST, same day Denver area patio, pool, spa and hot tub service, upfront pricing and clean, courteous technicians. We promise to take great care of your home. Our licensed electricians wear shoe covers, put down drop cloths, are trained to perform the work you need and will thoroughly clean up the work area.

We follow up with a phone call to be sure you are satisfied. We stand by everything we do. AAA licensed, certified electricians will safely wire your pool, spa and hot tub electrical needs. Call AAA today,

Hot Tub Cost

In most cases, a crane is not required but this service is also available through any Arctic Spas dealership. Electrical installations wiring a hot tub must be done by a licensed electrician. Contact an Arctic Spas dealership near you for a referral to an experienced, licensed electrician.

The cost for the installation of a volt electrical outlet will vary depending on the location of the hot tub. The price is usually by the foot. For example, if your hot tub is 10 feet away from your home’s electrical hook-up, it will cost less for the work than if the tub is going to be 25 feet away.

How do we get this data? This info is based on cost profiles, as reported by ImproveNet members. Wood Fired Hot Tubs If you want a permanent hot tub that looks rustic and requires very little maintenance over time, one great option is the wood fired hot tubs. Rather than using electricity or gas, these tubs operate by burning traditional logs of wood to heat the water.

These tubs may be heavy, but they don’t require any electric wiring or plumbing since they are standalone items that can be placed anywhere. As long as you have a flat surface, you can install it on your own within an hour. Traditional Hot Tub Materials Wood-burning and portable hot tubs are definitely viable options, but the more traditional version is one made from vinyl, fiberglass or acrylic. Seating in these varieties is comfortable, and cleaning is very easy thanks to the flat, smooth surface of these options.

Installation Location If you have a compacted space ready for a hot tub, your installation costs will remain low. Some of the most obvious benefits include relaxation, therapeutic exercise and, of course, just plain fun! A National Sleep Foundation study found that a minute soak in hot water can actually help you fall asleep faster. Studies show that warm water allows your blood vessels to dilate, allowing more blood and oxygen to flow to your muscles — and you relax!


Water heater problems normally become self-evident. For example, you turn on a hot water faucet and it fails to summon hot water. Or the water heater tank makes strange pinging and gurgling sounds. If any of those things have happened, this article will help you troubleshoot and repair the problem.

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Hot tub GFCI breakers are safety devices that come in different versions for Canadian hot tub installations. How does a GFCI work? A spa GFCI can prevent electrocution by detecting any leakage current would not otherwise trip a normal circuit breaker. This is achieved by measuring the difference between the current flowing out of the live conductor and the current returning through the neutral conductor. This causes the device to very quickly open the circuit – usually between milliseconds – to interrupt power to the spa.

GFCIs are absolutely necessary to protect both people and equipment. A GFCI can also provide overload and short circuit protection. If the GFCI is installed directly into the house main electrical panel, then a separate breaker is not required. If the GFCI is installed in a subpanel, then typically a circuit breaker is also required and is installed in the house main panel to supply power to the GFCI.

It is strongly recommended to test a GFCI regularly by pressing the test button on the device. These cords are simply plugged into a dedicated 20 Amp outlet. More options include corded and non-corded GFCI versions.

How much on average does it cost to get an electrician to hook up a hot tub?

This includes disconnecting both water and electrical connections, as well as removing the skirt surrounding the base of the hot tub. Most hot tubs can be disconnected with a few simple tools to get it ready to take to your new home or to get rid of it, if it’s broken. Fold the hot tub cover in half and remove it. Open the valve to allow the water to drain. When the tub is completely drained, close the valve and disconnect the garden hose.

Choosing the correct wire for a hot tub ensure a safe, energy efficient usage and increase the lifespan of your equipment. When in doubt, consult a licensed electrician with experience hooking up hot tubs.

Electrical and Wiring Installing Lighting Backyards Outdoor Spaces Security There are two projects that are well worth carrying out to add convenience and safety to your use of electricity out of doors. The first is taking power to a garden shed or other outbuilding, and the second is installing an outdoor socket outlet for your garden power tools. The wiring work required is quite straightforward, but you must notify your local building codes department before you start so that it can be inspected and certified.

Running Cable Outdoors If you need to take a power supply outside the house, you have to decide whether to run it overhead—easier to do, but unsightly and prone to accidental damage, or to take it underground—trickier to install, but far safer. Longer spans must be supported by a tensioned support wire and cable buckles, and this wire must be grounded to the house’s main grounding point. The span must be at least 12 feet above ground over a path, and 17 feet above ground over a drive or other area with vehicular access.

Running Cable Underground image below Cable runs underground can be protected by PVC conduit, solvent-welded together using straight connectors to make a continuous run, or you can use underground cable.

GFCI Breaker Tripping New Wire Up Hot Tub How To Repair The Spa Guy

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